Youngest kids in class are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than oldest kids, study finds
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(William Wan/ Washington Post) — Do some children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder really have the condition — or are they just young for their grade?

That is the provocative question posed by a new study looking at states with a strict Sept. 1 birth-date cutoff for school enrollment. Researchers  …

All the ways snoring affects your health
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(Jason Amatoury/ Lifehacker) — There’s nothing quite like the sound of snoring as the ultimate sleep interrupter. But snoring can be more than just a frustration to those in your vicinity. Sometimes snoring is linked to more serious health problems, such as obstructive sleep apnoea. An emerging line of research suggests  …

Rare cancer linked to breast implants, but Health Canada says no safety advisory is needed
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(Madeleine Roy/ Radio-Canada) — At age 44 and after two kids, Terri McGregor knew she wanted to give herself a gift.

“I simply wanted to restore my breasts to what they were before having children — that’s it,” said the North Bay, Ont., woman.

McGregor’s surgeon recommended a Biocell textured implant,  …

What kind of physical exercise can help you stay young?
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(Marie Cohut/ Medical News Today) — Endurance training, resistance training, or high-intensity interval training — what type of physical exercise will help your body to stay youthful for longer? A new study aims to answer that question.

One key factor in cellular health is telomeres, the “safety caps” that protect  …

Canadian kids fall behind in global physical activity report
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(Cassandra Szklarski/ Canadian Press) — Canadian kids continue to rank low in a global report on physical activity.

The most recent release from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance finds children in Slovenia and Japan to be the most active among 49 countries studied.

Canada scored D+ in categories that measure overall   …

‘We’re guinea pigs’: Canada’s oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients
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(Valérie Ouellet, Vik Adhopia, David McKie/ CBC News) — Millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices in order to function — to do everything from walk without pain to pump blood through their veins. Yet many of those devices are approved for use in Canada with scant scientific evidence to show they are  …

Men who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have less memory loss
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(Catharine Paddock/ Medical News Today) — Men who follow a healthful diet could be protecting their brains, according to a new study that tracked a large group of men for more than 2 decades.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, analyzed data from a study that had followed 27,842 men for   …

Probiotics show no effect on kids’ tummy upsets
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(Amy Norton/ HealthDay) — When young children have a bout of “stomach flu,” parents often turn to probiotics for help. But two new clinical trials suggest they are wasting their money.

Researchers found that probiotic formulas showed no benefit for babies and preschoolers with acute gastroenteritis —  …

Move over, peanuts: milk allergy more common in kids, study says
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(Avichai Scher/ NBC News) — Peanuts get a lot of attention, but the most common food allergy for kids under 5? Milk.

In a study released on Friday, researchers found that milk allergy affects over half of 1-year-olds who have food allergies, accounts for 40 percent of food allergies for kids 1 to 2, and is the most common overall food allergy  …

Avoid eating romaine lettuce in Ontario and Quebec amid E. coli outbreak, health officials warn
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(Nicole Ireland/ CBC News)— The Public Health Agency of Canada is warning people in Ontario and Quebec not to eat romaine lettuce as it works with U.S. health officials to determine the source of an outbreak of E. coli infections in the two provinces and in 11 states.

As of Tuesday, there have been 18 confirmed cases of the bacterial infection  …

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