Getting too much bright light at night may increase your cancer risks
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(Mira Miller/ Very Well Health) — Getting enough sunlight during the day is critical for good health. But when it’s time to wind down, bright light exposure can suppress melatonin production and even increase the risk of cancer.

Research has repeatedly shown that bright light exposure at night—especially blue   …

89% of Canadians want earlier screening for breast cancer, survey says
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(Julia Ranney/ Yahoo Canada) — Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Canada, affecting approximately one in eight women.

Breast Cancer Canada released new information on Thursday that highlights breast cancer screening and the need for lived and diverse experiences in research.

The survey, which was conducted  …

Triple-negative breast cancer: McGill clinical study holds promise
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(McGill University Health Centre) — The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) will host a new Phase 3 randomized clinical trial called TROPION-Breast04, as announced today by the McPeak-Sirois Group, a provincial consortium of cancer centres across Quebec focused on breast cancer  …

I didn’t want my cancer diagnosis to affect my relationships. But of course it did
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(Hilary Osborne/ The Guardian) — The day after I received my breast cancer diagnosis last year, when I was still unsure whether it had spread and how bad the news really was, my partner opened his mouth to comment on my loading of the dishwasher. I knew what was coming: some clearly mistaken criticism of the positioning  …

Breast cancer survivor speaks on the importance of preventative care
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(Andrea Uribe/ KAGS TV) — Roughly one in eight women develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one survivor spoke out about her journey at Baylor Scott & White.

“2020 is when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, just from a routine mammogram and from there,

Are breast lumps always a cause for concern?
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(S. Srakocic/ Healthline) — Breast lumps are very common. Fortunately, they’re not always a cause for concern. Ordinary reasons such as hormonal changes can cause breast lumps that appear and disappear on their own.

Over 1 million women have breast biopsies each year. According to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare  …

Oncologist shares self-screening tips for early breast cancer detection
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(Katherine Dow/ CTV News) — A Manitoba oncologist is reminding women about the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer, and the steps you can take at home to help catch the disease early.

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

About 900 Manitoba women are diagnosed with breast cancer every  …

Huge increase in 5-year survival rates of early breast cancer
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(Paul McClure/ New Atlas) — A new UK study has found that, compared to 20 years ago, women diagnosed today with early invasive breast cancer and initially treated with surgery are 66% less likely to die from the disease.

Globally, more than two million women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year. For most, it’s  …

Coping with the fear of cancer recurrence
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(Cancer Net) — After treatment ends, one of the most common concerns survivors have is that the cancer will come back. If this does happen, it is called cancer recurrence.

Having a fear of recurrence is very normal. The main way to reduce the chance of cancer recurrence is to have a good follow-up care plan, also called a survivorship  …

How to do a breast self-exam and what to look for?
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(Kelsey Malvay/ Real Simple) — As a young, healthy woman, I’d admittedly never put much thought into being diagnosed with breast cancer until I spent a week in back-to-back doctor’s appointments, clinical breast exams, and ultrasounds. Let’s back up, shall we? I went to my gynecologist for an annual checkup in May, when  …

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