Welcome to the ‘new norm’ of seasonal illnesses
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(Lauren Pelley/ CBC News) — It’s another busy fall in Canadian hospitals, with emergency department closures, long wait times, and ongoing staff shortages all making headlines.

The situation can turn deadly: Two people died while waiting for care at the Anna-Laberge   …

Can adults get RSV? Symptoms, diagnosis, vaccines
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(Amy Sacks/ Everyday Health) — If you’re like most people, you’ve almost definitely been infected with RSV — respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-ul) virus — at least once. In fact it’s likely you’ve had RSV multiple times. This seasonal virus is so widespread that almost all of us have had an RSV infection by the time   …

Nearly one in three men infected with HPV, study finds
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(Giedre Peseckyte/ EURACTIV) — A study found that almost one in three men worldwide is infected with at least one genital human papillomavirus (HPV), further evidencing the importance of including men in vaccination strategies.

The study, published in the leading scientific journal The Lancet  …

Invasive Group A streptococcus cases rising in Canada
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(Megan DeLaire/ CTV News) — Countries across the globe are reporting a sustained spike in the number of invasive Group A streptococcus (iGAS) infections at a time when the season for strep infections should be winding down, and Canada is among them.

iGAS is a potentially life-threatening infection involving  …

COVID keeps evolving, but so does our immunity. Are we now at a ‘stalemate’?
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(Lauren Pelley/ CBC News) — After billions of global COVID-19 infections, millions of deaths, and countless lives upended by long-lasting health impacts, we’ve finally hit a point in this pandemic where SARS-CoV-2 isn’t the fearsome pathogen it used to be.

Once thought to kill up to 20 per cent of those  …

Researchers developing topical gel that fights gum disease
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(Corrie Pelc/ Medical News Today) — Gum disease — clinically known as periodontal disease or periodontitis — affects almost half of all adults ages 30 years or older.

Common treatments for periodontal disease include scaling, where a dentist cleans teeth below the gum surface, antibiotic  …