What can cause vaginal dryness and how to alleviate it
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(Katherine Lee/ Everyday Health) — Vaginal dryness can make sex painful and lead to other problems, like tears and infections. Many things can cause it, such as dehydration and aging, as well as emotional issues, like a lack of interest in sex. Luckily, there is no shortage of options for dry vagina relief to explore, so you  …

10 ways men and women can boost libido
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(Janet Brito/ Medical News Today ) — Libido, or sex drive, naturally varies between individuals. Having a low sex drive is not necessarily a problem, but if a person wishes to boost their libido, they can try a range of effective natural methods.

Anxiety, relationship difficulties, health concerns, and age can affect libido.  …

When sex gives more pain than pleasure
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(Harvard Health) — Millions of women experience pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse—a condition called dyspareunia (from the Greek dyspareunos, meaning “badly mated”). This condition not only saps sexual desire and enjoyment, it can also strain relationships and erode quality of life in  …