Walking faster can significantly lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes
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(Aria Bendix/ NBC News) — There’s overwhelming evidence that walking lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes, along with other diseases like cancer, heart disease and dementia.

The American Diabetes Association recommends taking 10,000 steps a day or walking daily   …

Sedentary lifestyle may increase the risk of uterine fibroids
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(Katherine Lang/ Medical News Today) — Uterine fibroids (also known as leiomyoma or ‘myoma’) are muscular tumors that grow in the uterus. It is hard to work out exactly how many women have fibroids because 75% do not cause symptoms severe enough to require treatment, so self-reports will underestimate the prevalence.  …

Menopause & your diet: foods to choose and avoid
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(Mike Arredondo/ HealthDay) — Menopause, a natural stage in a woman’s life, brings a host of changes and challenges. One aspect that is crucial to consider is nutrition.

Eating the right foods and avoiding others can help you navigate this change with vitality and optimal health.

This article will discuss the key foods   …

Triple-negative breast cancer: McGill clinical study holds promise
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(McGill University Health Centre) — The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) will host a new Phase 3 randomized clinical trial called TROPION-Breast04, as announced today by the McPeak-Sirois Group, a provincial consortium of cancer centres across Quebec focused on breast cancer  …

Get headaches from drinking red wine? Study offers clue about why
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(Kristen Rodgers/ CNN News) — Scientists may be closer to understanding the culprit behind the consumption of red wine causing headaches for some people, according to new research.

A flavonol naturally occurring in red wines may interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, causing an  …

Endometriosis and gut disorders have a genetic link
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(Emily Cooke/ Live Science) — A new study has revealed specific gene variants associated with a higher risk of both endometriosis and several digestive disorders, such as IBS and GERD.

Scientists have identified a genetic link between endometriosis and several digestive disorders, including irritable  …

Loneliness is as bad for you as smoking, research shows
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(Padraig Moran/ CBC News) — Top health officials say loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking, but one doctor warns that the stigma around feeling lonely still stops people from reaching out for support.

“Just like thirst is a signal you need hydration, loneliness is a signal you need … human connection,”  …

Anti-depressants side effects hurting intimate experiences
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(Ayeshah Haque/ Healing) — Anti-depression medications are known to cause upset stomach and weight gain, but what has scientists alarmed is the lesser-known side effect of sexual dysfunction that persists long after the patient stops taking the medication 

A growing number of patients have reported
SAD lamps: Experts explain how they help the winter blues
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(Colin Davidson, Claire Hutchinson/Medical X-Press) — Have you ever noted that you sleep more in the winter months? Or eat more carbs or have low energy? If you do, then you might be one of the around 6% of the higher latitude populations with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

If you’ve searched the   …

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