Canadian study looks at using radiation to treat Alzheimer’s
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(Avis Favaro, Elizabeth St. Philip. Alexandra Mae Jones/ CTV News) — A CT scan is usually used to diagnose a problem, not treat it.

But Canadian scientists are using CT scans to test out a provocative theory: could low doses of radiation from the scans actually help treat Alzheimer’s?

Results from a small pilot study  …

Can virtual reality help seniors? Study hopes to find out
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(Terry Spencer/ CTV News) — Terry Colli and three other residents of the John Knox Village senior community got a trip via computer to the International Space Station in the kickoff to a Stanford University study on whether virtual reality can improve the emotional well-being of older people.

Donning 1-pound (470-gram)  …

Zoom fatigue: how to beat stress and anxiety at work
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(Daniel Bardsley/ The National News) — When the coronavirus hit, one of the biggest upheavals was swapping office life for home-working.

But rather than the dream scenario some expected, it has brought new stresses and strains.

Back-to-back online meetings create feelings of exhaustion called “Zoom fatigue”.  …

Giving brown fat a boost to fight type 2 diabetes
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(Science Daily) — Increasing a protein concentrated in brown fat appears to lower blood sugar, promote insulin sensitivity, and protect against fatty liver disease by remodeling white fat to a healthier state, a new study suggests. The finding could eventually lead to new solutions for patients with diabetes and related  …

Skin cancer: Why men are genetically more prone
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(Marie Moucarry/ McGill Faculty of Medicine) — As COVID-19 restrictions are loosening up and summer is finally here, Canadians are eager to spend more time outdoors, get their barbeques out and make the most of the sunshine.

A new study from McGill University’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre (GCRC) is a reminder why caution  …

COVID-19 creates hearing disorders and aggravates tinnitus symptoms
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(Eldre Buekes/ The Conversation) — We learn more about the effects of COVID-19 on our health every day. We now know that contracting the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 can have a long-term impact on our heart and lungs, and the infection can even persist for months in some people.

We are now also seeing reports that COVID-19 is producing  …

What is toxic productivity and what are the signs?
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(Brittany Wong/ Huffington Post) — Think about your work ethic during the pandemic. Have you been more productive than usual? Do you rush to volunteer for projects at work, even when your plate is already full? Do you promise to make dinner as soon as you finish “one last thing” on your to-do list? If you answered “yes” to any

Canada’s shameful history of medical colonialism
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(Toula Drimonis/ The Conversationalist) — In September 2020, Joyce Echaquan, a 37-year-old Atikamekw woman from Quebec’s Manawan community, livestreamed a Facebook video that showed her screaming in pain while hospital healthcare workers openly mocked her. “You’re a f*cking idiot,” “only good for sleeping around,”  …

Depressive symptoms linked to rapid kidney function decline
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(Jeanna D. Smiley/ Medical News Today) — Scientists know that depression accelerates the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), but little research discusses how depression affects kidney function in the general population.

A Chinese university recently discovered a strong correlation between high depressive  …

Nasal spray gel directly delivers Parkinson’s drugs to the brain
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(Michael Irving/ New Atlas) — Getting drugs into the brain is no easy feat, but the nose is emerging as one of the most direct routes. Now, researchers in the UK have developed a hydrogel that can be administered as a nasal spray, lining the tissue and delivering a common Parkinson’s drug straight to the brain.

Parkinson’s   …

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