Sugar can weaken your immune system. Here’s what to know
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While a strong immune system is no match for the power of social distancing when it comes to limiting the spread of COVID-19, it’s certainly top of mind these days. We’re all doing our best to stay healthy, and relying on our immune system to help make that happen.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth,

Daily soft drink linked to increased risk of liver disease
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(The Harvard Gazette) — In a new study, researchers have found an increased risk of liver cancer and chronic liver disease mortality among women who consume sugar-sweetened beverages on a daily basis.

Led by researchers at Harvard-affiliated  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the observational study included nearly  …

Even small amounts of high-fat, high-sugar foods can rewire people’s brain circuits,
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(Aria Bendix/ NBC News) — Food preferences aren’t always something we’re born with. A study published Wednesday in the journal Cell Metabolism suggests that eating fatty or sugary snacks alters our brain activity and creates lasting preferences for these less healthy items.

For the  …

Inflammatory bowel disease: high-sugar diet worsens IBD symptoms
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(Corrie Pelc/ Medical News Today) — More than 6 million people around the world have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — an umbrella term for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which both cause inflammation of the gut.

A person’s diet plays an important role   …

5 reasons why sugar is bad for you
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(Aaron Kandola/ Medical News Today) — Sugars are a type of simple carbohydrate that occur naturally in some foods and drinks. They are also an additive in certain foods and drinks. Consuming too much sugar can lead to health problems, such as increasing the risk of weight gain, diabetes, tooth cavities, and more.

Many healthful  …

Most preschoolers eat too much sugar, new Guelph study shows
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(David Ma/ CBC News) — A new study from the University of Guelph has found many preschoolers in the city are eating more than the recommended amount of sugar on a daily basis.

Children should only get five to 10 per cent of daily energy from free sugar, or sugars added to food or drinks, as recommended by the World Health Organization,  …