Getting too much bright light at night may increase your cancer risks
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(Mira Miller/ Very Well Health) — Getting enough sunlight during the day is critical for good health. But when it’s time to wind down, bright light exposure can suppress melatonin production and even increase the risk of cancer.

Research has repeatedly shown that bright light exposure at night—especially blue   …

U.S. News & World Report reveals best and worst diets for 2024
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(Jessica Migala/ Everyday Health) — It’s the beginning of January, aka diet season, and the rankings are in: U.S. News & World Report just released its top diets for 2024. The winner? (Drumroll, please.) Out of 30 diets, the Mediterranean diet is No. 1 for the seventh year in a row. Meanwhile, other  …

Can psychedelics treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder?
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(Dana G. Smith/ New York Times) — Psychedelic therapy is on its way to becoming a mainstream medical treatment in mental health care. In 2020 and 2022, residents of Oregon and Colorado voted to legalize the use of psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, and the Food and Drug Administration  …

Cannabis shows promise in easing endometriosis pain
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(Hugo Francisco de Souza/ Medical Life Sciences News) — In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, researchers reviewed available literature on cannabis as a self-management strategy in the treatment of pain arising due to endometriosis. They further investigated the mechanisms by which cannabis  …

Is natural wine healthier than regular wine?
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(Andrea Rice/ Healthline) — From orange to glou-glou, piquette to pét nat, organic, biodynamic, unfiltered, and zero-zero, natural wines are much more than a low-sulfite alternative to conventional wine.

Natural wine is not a new trend or buzzword despite its recent rise in popularity. Humans have been fermenting grapes  …

Furry friends can slow the rate of verbal memory loss in older people
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(Becky Upham/ Everyday Health) — A pet could help preserve memory and slow the rate of cognitive decline in older adults who live alone, according to a new study published December 26 in JAMA Network Open.

Of interest to researchers was the fact that the association between pet companionship and slower  …

Is it bad if you don’t poop every day?
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(Alyssa Hui/ Very Well Health) — Everybody poops. After all, bowel movements are a critical part of digestion and getting rid of waste.

Pooping every day, however, is something that not everyone does. Some people go multiple times per day, while others may only go a few times each week.

Is a daily bowel movement the ideal?   …

This Winnipeg scientist is using viruses to fight drug-resistant superbugs
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(Karen Pauls/ CBC News) — Steven Theriault is convinced he has the solution to an urgent global public health threat — antibiotic resistance.

But he can’t get his bacteria-killing viruses approved through what he calls Canada’s rigid and outdated regulatory system.

“The next big focus in science   …

Following a Mediterranean diet may help increase the chances of successful IVF
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(Jessica Freeborn/ Medical News Today) — Research is ongoing about potential fertility treatments, including the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). It’s unclear how following certain diets or consuming over-the-counter supplements may contribute to the chances that IVF will result in a healthy pregnancy.

A recent review published  …

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