Annual screening for ovarian cancer does not save lives, study finds
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(Linda Geddes/ The Guardian) — Annual screening for ovarian cancer can detect tumours earlier but does not save lives, one of the largest studies ever conducted on the general population suggests.

Although the finding is a blow to those affected by ovarian cancer, the hope is that earlier diagnosis could reduce the amount  …

Early menopause linked to higher risk of future coronary heart disease
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(American Heart Association/ Medical XPress) — Women who are menopausal by the age of 40 had a 40% increased risk of developing coronary heart disease over their lifetime compared to women who did not go through early menopause, according to preliminary research to be presented at the American Heart Association’s  …

Colorectal cancer screening should start at age 45, experts recommend
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(Rob Stein/ NPR) — Routine screening for colorectal cancer should begin at age 45 instead of 50, an influential panel is recommending.

Starting routine screening five years earlier could prevent more deaths from colorectal cancer, which is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, the U.S.  …

Allergies or COVID-19? The symptoms to look for
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(Christy Somos/ CTV News) — As temperatures gradually rise and spring begins, another seasonal visitor looms on the horizon – allergies.

While Canada continues to implement measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the virus variants, Dr. Jason K. Lee of the Toronto Allergy and Asthma Clinic says it’s paramount to   …

Life delayed: Why ‘languishing’ is a pandemic thing
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(Alexandra Mae-Jones/ CTV News) — Grieving? Traumatized? Depressed? Unmotivated? Burnt out? It’s difficult to put a single word to the general malaise many people have been feeling during the pandemic.

But “languishing” is a pretty good fit.

First applied to our global mood last month, in a widely shared New York Times  …

COVID-19: Will my sense of smell ever return?
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(Joanne Silberner/ NPR) — About 25 years ago, after a particularly bad cold, I suddenly lost my sense of smell — I could no longer sense the difference between sweaty tennis shoes and a fragrant rose. Since then, my olfactory discernment comes and goes, and most of the time it’s just gone. I always figured there wasn’t  …

Covid anxiety syndrome: the symptoms and how to treat it
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(Julia O’Driscoll/ The Week) — The easing of lockdown measures and rollout of vaccines is generating widespread relief but for people battling Covid-related anxiety, the health crisis is far from over.

The pandemic has “triggered a surge in health anxiety”, with increasing reports of what is commonly  …

Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect your menstrual cycle?
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(Kate Dwyer/ Women’s Health) — Over the past few months, a number of people have taken to social media to report heavy, painful periods, saying they believe their menstrual cycle was disrupted by the COVID vaccine.

To track this phenomenon, Dr. Kate Clancy, a biological anthropologist and associate professor at  …

Some blood pressure pills could increase skin cancer risk in older adults
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(Saba Aziz/ Global News) — Some common pills used to treat high blood pressure may cause an increased risk of skin cancers in people aged 66 and above, according to a new study.

The peer-reviewed research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) on Monday found that the prolonged  …

Children with long-COVID symptoms get help at new clinic in Montreal
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(Cindy Sherwin/ CTV News) — When 13-year-old Charles trudged into his mother’s room one morning and said “Mom, I’m not feeling well,” Sophie Lahaie immediately thought he probably had COVID-19.

It was a natural deduction seeing as how her son’s class at school had just been cancelled due to an outbreak that affected at least  …

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