Researchers aim to help ovarian cancer survivors be able to have kids after treatment
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(CBC News) — A team at the University of Saskatchewan wants to develop a service to help young ovarian cancer survivors have kids.

Researchers are trying to establish a reproductive cryobiology research program, which would allow girls diagnosed with ovarian cancer to freeze their ovarian tissue, so they could  …

Oncologist shares self-screening tips for early breast cancer detection
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(Katherine Dow/ CTV News) — A Manitoba oncologist is reminding women about the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer, and the steps you can take at home to help catch the disease early.

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

About 900 Manitoba women are diagnosed with breast cancer every  …

Huge increase in 5-year survival rates of early breast cancer
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(Paul McClure/ New Atlas) — A new UK study has found that, compared to 20 years ago, women diagnosed today with early invasive breast cancer and initially treated with surgery are 66% less likely to die from the disease.

Globally, more than two million women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year. For most, it’s  …

Coping with the fear of cancer recurrence
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(Cancer Net) — After treatment ends, one of the most common concerns survivors have is that the cancer will come back. If this does happen, it is called cancer recurrence.

Having a fear of recurrence is very normal. The main way to reduce the chance of cancer recurrence is to have a good follow-up care plan, also called a survivorship  …

Should I be worried if my smear test found HPV?
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(Katie Wright/ Independent) — Going for a cervical screening – or smear test – can be a bit daunting, but thankfully most people’s results will come back normal. So, what happens if you receive a letter telling you your smear test found HPV, or abnormal cells were detected?

It’s important to be aware that smear tests – which  …

Just 5 minutes of physical activity a day could lower your cancer risk
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(Clarissa Brincat/ Medical News Today) — Physical activity is an important facet of overall health and well-being

Research shows that regular exercise can lower the risk of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) states  …

Melanoma: Catching it early can mean the difference between life and death
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(Karen Hawthorne/ Healthing) — Is checking your skin for new moles, or moles that have changed in size, shape or colour something you do regularly? Maybe not. But what if it could save your life?
“Once every one to three months, when you step out of the shower, take a glance at yourself, take about a minute or two and just
WHO to declare artificial sweetener aspartame a possible cancer risk
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(Thomas Reuters/ CBC News) — One of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners is set to be declared a possible carcinogen next month by a leading global health body, according to two sources with knowledge of the process, pitting it against the food industry and regulators.

Aspartame, used in products from Coca-Cola  …

Is breast cancer painful?
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(Ann Pietrangelo/ Healthline) — While some people with breast cancer may experience breast pain, it’s not a typical sign or symptom of breast cancer. Treatment for breast cancer and any breast cancer that has spread from the breast may cause pain in other parts of the body.

This article discusses how and when breast cancer  …

Experiment reveals how the Mediterranean diet works at the cellular level
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(Russell Mclendon/ Science Alert) — The Mediterranean diet has become famous far beyond its namesake sea, as research increasingly supports its longstanding reputation for boosting health and longevity.

Studies have shown that people on the Mediterranean diet – which emphasizes plant-based foods and fish, and not  …

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