Why heart attacks spike during the Holidays
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(Don Rauf/ Everyday Health) — While the holidays are a time of joy and togetherness for many, they are also a time when serious cardiac events peak. The American Heart Association (AHA) warns that more people die from heart attacks during the last week of December than at any other time of the year.

The   …

7 ways to manage an eating disorder during the Holidays
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(Michelle Pugle/ Everyday Health) — Although the holidays can be a wonderful time of the year for many, they can be tough for someone with an eating disorder who is trying to stay on track with their recovery.

The season tends to be full of food-focused events, which can cause intense anxiety for the estimated 30 million  …

The 10 most common holiday season triggers
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(Kaytee Gillis/ Psychology Today) — Nora sat by the window, watching the snow accumulate on top of the cars and neighborhood rooftops. December was always a difficult month for her, ever since the passing of her sister, three years ago. Without anyone to hold the family together, she had lost contact with the rest of her siblings,  …

Why do I keep getting sick?
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(Heather Hobbs/ Healthline) — If you get sick often, it may be due to your immune system function or other health conditions that affect it. While you can’t always prevent illness, you may be able to change your diet and routine to support better immune health.

Keep reading to learn potential causes and remedies for constantly  …

‘Don’t wait’ to get checked out, says Quebec teen with colon cancer
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(Matt Gilmour, Lillian Roy/ CTV News) — An 18-year-old from Laval is among an increasing number of young adults and teens to be inflicted with colon cancer.

Justin Di Narzo says knowing the symptoms could be the difference between life and death.

“It started at 16 years old. I was experiencing constipation and blood  …

How smoking can affect your brain
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(Patty Onderko/ Health Central) — You know about the damage smoking does to your lungs. You probably also know that smoking puts you at significantly higher risk for not just lung cancer, but more than 15 other cancers, as well, according to the National Cancer Institute. And you’re likely aware that smoking stinks for your  …

What can cause vaginal dryness and how to alleviate it
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(Katherine Lee/ Everyday Health) — Vaginal dryness can make sex painful and lead to other problems, like tears and infections. Many things can cause it, such as dehydration and aging, as well as emotional issues, like a lack of interest in sex. Luckily, there is no shortage of options for dry vagina relief to explore, so you  …

Welcome to the ‘new norm’ of seasonal illnesses
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(Lauren Pelley/ CBC News) — It’s another busy fall in Canadian hospitals, with emergency department closures, long wait times, and ongoing staff shortages all making headlines.

The situation can turn deadly: Two people died while waiting for care at the Anna-Laberge   …

89% of Canadians want earlier screening for breast cancer, survey says
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(Julia Ranney/ Yahoo Canada) — Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Canada, affecting approximately one in eight women.

Breast Cancer Canada released new information on Thursday that highlights breast cancer screening and the need for lived and diverse experiences in research.

The survey, which was conducted  …

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