How to recognize a migraine aura
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(Jill Seladi-Schulman/ Healthline) —  An aura is a collection of symptoms that occur before or along with a migraine attack. Aura can cause disturbances in your vision, sensation, or speech.

The American Migraine Foundation estimates that between 25 and 30 percent of people with migraine experience  …

5 easy ways to keep your brain sharp
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(Andrea Kane/ CNN News) — As the year wraps up, people have their sights on 2024 and what changes it will bring. The more enterprising may even be thinking of initiating changes in the form of resolutions or intentions.

But for the less decisive, those can be hard to come up with; with so many choices, where do you start and which  …

These behaviour changes may indicate a risk of dementia in people over age 50
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(Daniella Vellone/ The Conversation) — Dementia is often thought of as a memory problem, like when an elderly person asks the same questions or misplaces things. In reality, individuals with dementia will not only experience issues in other areas of cognition like learning, thinking, comprehension and judgement, but  …

Exercise could improve quality of life for women with metastatic breast cancer
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(Abby McCoy/ Everyday Health) — More and more research shows that regular exercise can improve physical and mental health for women with breast cancer. Now there’s new research that suggests regular exercise may improve quality of life for women living with metastatic breast cancer, the most advanced form  …

High blood pressure and cholesterol before age 55 may cause damage
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(Don Rauf/ Everyday Health) — High cholesterol and high blood pressure before the age of 55 may have a lasting impact on your chances of developing heart disease later in life, according to a new study.

Published December 20 in the scientific journal PLoS One, the analysis of health data from nearly 300,000   …

Does magnesium for anxiety really work?
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(Lindsay Curtis/ Very Well Health) — Research suggests that magnesium for anxiety may work by calming the nervous system, improving mood, and promoting relaxation.123 With a diverse range of magnesium types and supplements available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

This article  …

25 resolutions you’ll actually keep this new year
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(Meirav Devash/ Oprah Daily) — New year, new-and-improved you? Not so fast. In a recent survey from Forbes Health/OnePoll, just 20 percent of respondents said they keep themselves accountable when it comes to sticking to their resolutions. If you can relate, we assert that the problem isn’t you but the impossible resolutions  …

Hypochondriacs die earlier than those who worry less about their health
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(Stephen Hughes/ The Conversation) — People who worry excessively about their health tend to die earlier than those who don’t, a recent study from Sweden has found. It seems strange that hypochondriacs who, by definition, worry yet have nothing wrong with them, should enjoy shorter lifespans than the rest of us.  …

Childhood trauma increases risk of chronic pain in adulthood
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(André Bussières/ McGill University) — Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, or neglect, either alone or combined with other types of childhood trauma, increases the risk of chronic pain and related disability in adulthood, according to new research. The findings from an international team of experts, including  …

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