It’s official: Science says grannies are good for you
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(Phys Org) — Scientists say they have proven what many people fortunate enough to grow up with theirs have known all along: Grandmothers have strong nurturing instincts and are hard-wired to care deeply about their grandchildren.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B on Tuesday is  …

The scientific process needs to be better explained for the vaccine hesitant
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(Marc-Antoine De La Vega/ The Conversation) — When I first wrote about the arrival of SARS-CoV-2 in early March 2020, the question was whether or not the new virus would become a pandemic. At the time, most experts believed that we had already reached the point of no return.

Today, 18 months later, the answer is clear. You don’t  …

The pandemic made science more accessible than ever – let’s keep it that way
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(Jackie Flynn-Mogesen/ Mother Jones) — In early January 2020, weeks before the World Health Organization officially uttered the word “pandemic,” the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, a hospital associated with Fudan University, received a sample of a mysterious virus that had sparked a cluster of pneumonia   …

Giving brown fat a boost to fight type 2 diabetes
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(Science Daily) — Increasing a protein concentrated in brown fat appears to lower blood sugar, promote insulin sensitivity, and protect against fatty liver disease by remodeling white fat to a healthier state, a new study suggests. The finding could eventually lead to new solutions for patients with diabetes and related  …

Nasal spray gel directly delivers Parkinson’s drugs to the brain
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(Michael Irving/ New Atlas) — Getting drugs into the brain is no easy feat, but the nose is emerging as one of the most direct routes. Now, researchers in the UK have developed a hydrogel that can be administered as a nasal spray, lining the tissue and delivering a common Parkinson’s drug straight to the brain.

Parkinson’s   …

Skin-buzzing sensor detects psoriasis
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(Ben Coxworth/ New Atlas) — When someone has a problematic skin condition, the affected skin is typically either stiffer or softer than normal. A new sensor has been shown to detect such differences, potentially allowing doctors to diagnose problems more quickly and easily.

The electromechanical device was designed  …

Imbalances in mouth microflora may indicate developing rheumatoid arthritis
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(Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News) — Scientists report specific dissimilarities in mouth microbial compositions among patients with early rheumatoid arthritis (ERA) and those at risk of developing the disease, compared with healthy individuals who were not at risk.

The findings come from a study published  …