Magnets made by soil bacteria offer hope for breast and prostate cancer
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(Robin McKie/ The Guardian) — Scientists are developing magnetically guided microscopic projectiles that can be injected into patients’ blood to attack breast, prostate and other tumours.

The project – led by researchers at Sheffield University – builds on progress in two key medical fields. The first involves viruses  …

Prostate checks aren’t fun, but they’re better than the alternative
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(Maya Bejovic/ Heathing) — Charlie Taylor wasn’t nervous walking into his doctor’s office that day. In fact, he was certain that the biopsy results would show no signs of prostate cancer that told his wife to wait for him outside the clinic. He had no reason to doubt himself: he was in good health, enjoying a career in automotive
I had no prostate cancer symptoms, or so I thought
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(Gogs Gagnon/ Cure Today) — I was 57 years old when my doctor delivered the devastating news confirming my prostate cancer diagnosis. It caught me totally off guard as I was healthy, fit and wasn’t experiencing any health issues or symptoms of any kind.

I had no problems in the bedroom, and I slept throughout the night.  …

Overweight men have higher odds of developing prostate cancer
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(Maria Loreto/ LA Weekly) — Being overweight has long been correlated with conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But a new study has found surprising links between males who are overweight and having higher odds of developing prostate cancer.

A Canadian study published in Cancer Causes &  …

New radiation drug shows improved survival in prostate cancer patients
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(Carla K. Johnson/ Global News) — Doctors are reporting improved survival in men with advanced prostate cancer from an experimental drug that delivers radiation directly to tumor cells.

Few such drugs are approved now, but the approach may become a new way to treat patients with other hard-to-reach or inoperable cancers.  …