Coffee drinkers, even those with a sweet tooth, live longer

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Moderate coffee consumption has “repeatedly” been associated with lower rates of “several chronic diseases” and death. Photo: Pexels


(Will Pass/ Web MD) — Coffee lovers, rejoice. Your morning ritual may lead to a longer life, and a spoonful of sugar could sweeten the deal, based on a recent study.

Among more than 170,000 people in the U.K., those who drank about two to four cups of coffee a day, with or without sugar, had a lower rate of death than those who didn’t drink coffee, reported lead author Dan Liu, MD, of the School of Public Health at Southern Medical University in Guangdong, China.

“Previous observational studies have suggested an association between coffee intake and reduced risk for death, but they did not distinguish between coffee consumed with sugar or artificial sweeteners and coffee consumed without,” wrote Liu and colleagues in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. (…)

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