I had no prostate cancer symptoms, or so I thought

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A man reflects on slight symptoms he was not concerned about leading up to his prostate cancer diagnosis. Photo: Pexels


(Gogs Gagnon/ Cure Today) — I was 57 years old when my doctor delivered the devastating news confirming my prostate cancer diagnosis. It caught me totally off guard as I was healthy, fit and wasn’t experiencing any health issues or symptoms of any kind.

I had no problems in the bedroom, and I slept throughout the night. It didn’t seem possible to have cancer without any pain, lumps or signs. But it was true whether I wanted to believe it or not.

If it weren’t for regular PSA testing, I wouldn’t have known my PSA was rising. And since my PSA continued to climb over the years without explanation, my doctor ordered more tests, including an MRI, a prostate biopsy, a bone and CT scan. It turned out that cancer was already in the final stage before breaching the prostate, and I had no symptoms. (…)

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