People are ‘Quiet Quitting’ and it could be great for mental health

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Quiet quitting might be a response to burnout and stress, and a way for workers to reclaim their life back.


(Adam England/ Very Well Mind) — If you’ve been on TikTok in the past month or so, you might have heard of ‘quiet quitting’, something that’s rising in popularity among Gen Z and millennial professionals in particular. With 11.3 million views across all videos with the #quietquitting hashtag, it’s erupted in popularity of late.

Despite the name, however, it doesn’t involve actually quitting a job. Rather, people are rejecting overachievement and endless hustle culture and choosing to set boundaries for themselves at work. That means doing less or simply doing the work that fulfills their job requirements and setting boundaries with their employers.

Maria Kordowicz, PhD, associate professor in organizational behavior at the University of Nottingham and director of the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning, describes it as “doing the minimum required to get by in one’s job without letting it seep into other areas of our lives”. (…)

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