Citizen groups highlight need for better access to midwifery services in Quebec
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(Annabelle Olivier/ Global News) — A number of citizen groups from around the province met in Montreal Saturday to discuss ways to make midwifery care more accessible in Quebec.

Midwifery has been legal in the province for 20 years, but access to services is lagging according to Lorraine Fontaine, a coordinator for Coalition  …

Even organic tampons and menstrual cups can cause toxic shock, study finds
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(Natalie Rahhal/ Daily Mail) — It does not matter what your tampon is made of – it can still cause toxic shock, according to a new study.

Tampons have no exception to the recent trend in organic-everything, and many companies have cashed in on promises of a safer, more natural product.

The notion of using an tampon or a washable  …

Don’t take it easy after a heart attack — exercise halves risk of early death
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(Laura Donnelly/ The London Telegraph) — Don’t take it easy after a heart attack – regular exercise halves the chance of early death, a study has found.

Researchers said patients should be prescribed activity to boost their survival chances, in the light of the findings.

Swedish researchers examined data on more than  …

The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: 2018’s list of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides
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(Dani-Elle Dubé/ Global News) — Strawberries and celery sure do sound like healthy choices to munch on – but are you confident they’re free of pesticides?

If that has you questioning your choices, you may want to consult the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) fourth annual Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list – a list revealing

Could this implant protect women from HIV?
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(Catharine Paddock/ Medical News Today) — Researchers in Canada have developed a vaginal implant that aims to protect women from becoming diagnosed with HIV.

In a paper now published in the Journal of Controlled Release, they report how they successfully tested the vaginal implant in laboratory animals.

HIV, which is the   …

​7 signs you actually stop breathing when you’re sleeping
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(Alexa Tucker/ Men’s Health) — When you wake up in the morning, you probably don’t give much thought to what went on when you were conked out. It’s safe to assume that you were, you know, breathing, right?

Not necessarily. In fact, with a common condition called sleep apnea—which can affect up to seven percent  …

Night owls may have 10 percent higher risk of early death, study says
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(Kristen Knutson and Malcolm von Schantz/ The Conversation) — Do you wake up bright eyed and bushy-tailed, greeting the sunrise with cheer and vigor? Or are you up late into the night and dread the sound of your alarm clock? We call this inherent tendency to prefer certain times of day your “chronotype” (chrono means time).  …

Epipen and EpiPen Jr. in short supply, no alternatives available
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(CBC News) — EpiPen injectors used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions are currently running short, and EpiPen Jr. products may soon do the same, Health Canada said on Thursday.

Health Canada said Pfizer Canada had advised the agency of the short supplies.

The auto-injector is a handheld device that treats life-threatening  …

Do men think they’re better at science than women? Well, actually …
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(Niraj Chokshi/ New York Times) — It’s no secret that men are overrepresented in certain technical disciplines. So is their self-confidence, a new study suggests.

The study, published this past week in the journal Advances in Physiology Education, found that male egos eclipse those of women among students asked to compare  …

Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t marry your cousin
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(Health 24 Genetics) — First cousins who marry run twice the risk of having a child with genetic abnormalities, according to a previous Health24 article.

Now a new study suggests that children born to parents who are cousins have a significant risk for developing a mood disorder – such as depression or anxiety.

For adults whose parents  …

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