Quebec woman must wait months or years for dermatologist to follow-up on skin cancer
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(Shuyee Lee/ CJAD) — A Drummondville skin cancer survivor says she can’t find a dermatologist to help immediately in her follow-up recovery, after five months of calls and research and an urgent prescription from her doctor.

Suzanne Roy had a cancerous lesion removed earlier this year. Her doctor told her to get check-ups  …

Major drop in IVF applications after free program scrapped in Quebec
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(CBC News) — Since Quebec ended its free in vitro fertilization program in 2015, the number of applications has decreased by about 60 per cent, according to reproductive health specialists.

According to doctors interviewed by Radio-Canada, scrapping the program has forced many couples to abandon the idea of having a biological   …

Alzheimer’s risk 10 times lower with herpes medication
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(Ana Sandoiu/ Medical News Today) — New results could change the face of Alzheimer’s treatment; the herpes simplex virus is found to play a vital role in the condition, and antiherpetic medication is shown to have a dramatic effect on dementia risk.

Last month, Medical News Today reported on a study that found “strong  …

Wearing neckties can reduce blood flow to the brain by 7.5 percent
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(Marta Subat/ Infosurhoy) – Men working in offices commonly use neckties but findings of a new study suggest that wearing ties may actually hamper work performance and limit creativity.

In a new study published in the journal Neuroradiology on June 30, researchers found evidence suggesting that wearing the popular men’s  …

What is mycoplasma genitalium? British MDs warn STI could be next big superbug
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(Amanda MacMillan/ Health) — British doctors are warning about a sexually transmitted infection that could become the next hard-to-treat superbug, thanks to its increasing resistance to traditional antibiotics. They say that the infection, called Mycoplasma genitalium (also known as M. genitalium or simply MG), can   …

Are you blood type O? Hema-Quebec needs you
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(Rachel Lau/ Global News) — Hema-Quebec is asking people with O- or O+ blood to donate.

“It’s basically the effect of the infamous heat wave last week,” explained Vanessa Jourdain , a spokesperson with Hema-Quebec. “We had less donors than usual and there was a peak in terms of demand.”

Jourdain adds the goal is usually  …

Falls may be sending more Canadians to hospital, study suggests
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(Canadian Press) — A raised bit of concrete on a sidewalk. An icy patch on the road. A misstep on the stairs at home. All of these can lead to accidental falls — landing a person not only on the ground, but often also in hospital.

Unintentional falls are the most common form of injury across the country: every day last year,  …

Outdoor air pollution linked to higher diabetes risk
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(Kristina Sauerwein/ Futurity) — A new study links outdoor air pollution—even at levels deemed safe—to an increased risk of diabetes globally.

The findings raise the possibility that reducing pollution may lead to a drop in diabetes cases in heavily polluted countries such as India and less polluted ones such as the United  …

Inexpensive eye imaging method may help monitor Alzheimer’s progression
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(Matt O’Connor/ Health Imaging) — Queen’s University Belfast researchers found the eye may be a critical indicator for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) along with a host of other neurodegenerative diseases.

Published in the Journal of Ophthalmic Research, the study showed peripheral retinal imaging, using ultra-wide  …

Alzheimer’s could one day be treated with common drug, study in mice suggests
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(Kashmira Gander/ Newsweek) — Aspirin could be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has suggested.

Currently, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, and researchers are scrambling to find a way to prevent and treat the most common form of dementia.

The research hones in on how the body deals with amyloid   …

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