Women who give birth to boys much more likely to face postnatal depression, new study reveals
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(Maya Oppenheim/ The Independent) — Women who give birth to baby boys are much more likely to have postnatal depression, a new study has found.

A study by the University of Kent into postnatal depression (PND) found the odds of developing this condition increased by up to 79 per cent when mothers had boys compared to baby girls.  …

A single energy drink might harm blood vessels: study
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(Steven Reinberg/ HealthDay) — Caffeine-laden energy drinks are popular, but they might make your blood vessels less efficient, a small study suggests.

These drinks — sold as Monster and Red Bull, to name two — have been linked to heart, nerve and stomach problems, researchers say.

“A lot of young kids use energy  …

Quebec promises nurses more jobs, no more mandatory overtime
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(Presse Canadienne) — Health Minister Danielle McCann is assuring nurses that mandatory overtime will be abolished and more full-time jobs will be created under the new Coalition Avenir Québec government.

“I intend to very quickly to assess your workload,” McCann said Tuesday in a speech to the 2,700 members of the Ordre  …

Mental health support by text launches for kids across Canada
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(Canadian Press) — Canadian youth can now access mental health support through a free bilingual texting service being rolled out across the country by Kids Help Phone.

The charitable organization is introducing the 24/7 texting support option through a service partnership with U.S. based helpline Crisis Text Line.

A pilot  …

Global skin cancer deaths rising for men, but not women, study says
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(CNN) — Men are dying at a higher rate than women from melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, a new global analysis said.

Over the last three decades, male deaths from melanoma were higher than female deaths in 33 countries, according to the analysis presented Sunday at the 2018 NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow. Rates among women  …

The truth about ‘teatoxes’: Why health experts say this celeb-endorsed craze is unnecessary
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(Charlsie Agro, Roxanna Woloshyn/ CBC News) — It’s one of the latest celebrity-endorsed crazes sweeping social media: Teatoxing, the idea you can detoxify your body, reduce bloat, boost energy, burn stored fat and ultimately flatten your tummy — in part by drinking tea.

But according to Health Canada, the sale of   …

Citizens are fighting back against the tyranny of daylight savings
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(Allison Schrager/ Quartz) — Anyone who works with people in Europe probably had a chaotic week. Europeans set their clocks back an hour Sunday (Oct. 28), ending daylight saving; but no one else did, except Mexico, in an act of defiance against its northern neighbors, and a few countries in the middle east.

North Americans (except  …

An organ once deemed “useless” may play a role in Parkinson’s disease
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(Katherine Ellen Foley/ Quartz) — For years, medical scientists have suspected the appendix—a tiny organ tucked away near our large intestines—lacks a real purpose in our bodies. They believed it was a vestigial organ, that might have been a part of the digestive systems of our ancestors, but did nothing for modern humans  …

Anti-depressant use has tripled among teens in a decade
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(CTV Montreal) — The use of anti-depressants among teenagers in Quebec has tripled over the course of the last ten years.

What has yet to be determined, though, is whether this is a result of an increased frequency in mental illness or whether it is merely a reflection of more people seeking treatment.

In an interview with CTV Montreal,  …

WHO says air pollution kills 600,000 children every year
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GENEVA (Reuters) – Air pollution kills an estimated 600,000 children every year and causing symptoms ranging from loss of intelligence to obesity and ear infections but there is a limited amount parents can do, a World Health Organization report said on Monday.

Parents should try to avoid household air pollution by using less  …

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