Why is Canada snubbing internationally trained doctors during a health-care crisis?

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Canada has a shortage of doctors. That’s why making it difficult for internationally trained doctors to practise here is so mystifying. Photo: Pexels


(Simran Purewall/ The Conversation) — Internationally trained doctors are being sidelined in Canada while six million Canadians do not have a family doctor.

Internationally trained physicians, commonly known as international medical graduates, are medical professionals who completed their education outside of Canada or the United States. They are a diverse group of practitioners trained in various specialties.

Many move to Canada for a better quality of life, training opportunities and political and economic security. Historically, most have migrated through the Skilled Worker Express Entry Program, which favours their extensive educational backgrounds. Nonetheless, they face multiple obstacles throughout the licensing process.

In October 2021, a community research team from Simon Fraser University, supported by an advisory committee, led research on Canada’s exclusionary medical licensing policies. (…)

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