More than 8000 new patients per month - 3500 patients served per week
A turnkey solution that is easy and straightforward
50+ health professionals including specialists always on site

Spend your time helping people.
Why waste it in administrative hassle?

Clinique Medic Elle, a GMF gives you a turnkey solution to developing your practice, by giving you space to work at a very affordable overhead. We are your best allies by purchasing up-to-date equipment. We give you the quickest possible turnaround on results. We handle bureaucracy and patient intake for you, as you free up your hands to become the best at what you do.

Focus on your patients. Leave the rest to us.

We understand that you want to keep your attention on the treatment of your patients and the further development of your medical skills, not becoming a businessman. We take care of that for you.

Whether you are just starting your practice now, or you are a seasoned physician, joining Clinique Medic Elle is easy and painless: We can import all your patient files and contact your patients at no extra cost, so you don't have to do anything — you are only changing your brick and mortar location.

We help you, step by step.

We are your partners, not your landlord. Your success is our success, and you have to be able to see your patients with the least hindrances possible. We provide an assistant or LPN to every physician in our clinic and we can refer your patients into the medical system. Should a patient need to see another specialist or require diagnostic testing, we arrange appointments at any affiliated or non-affiliated institutions, so that no patients fall through the cracks.

You can consult and refer immediately with our many on-site specialists, that include allergy, dermatology, gynecology, fertility , obstetrics, ENT, cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, pediatrics, rheumatology and more.

To free your hands from the administrative work as much as possible, we take care of Scheduling and Charting (EMR) for you, and also handle your billing to RAMQ.