Naomi Watts wants everyone to talk about menopause

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Difficulty falling and staying asleep is one of the most common issues that women face during their menopause transition. Photo: Pexels


(Oprah Daily) — Naomi Watts is done whispering about menopause. “When I arrived at [the transition], the marketplace of products and information was lonely, scary, painful…and shameful,” she says. “I would look for books to learn more, but I felt I had to hide them, and even my friends were nervous to talk about it.”

That experience inspired her to launch Stripes, a new line of perimenopause and menopause solutions. With it, the actress aims to usher in a new era for what she calls the “better half” of a woman’s life. “I feel like the best version of myself now—I’m so much more confident in my body,” she says.

Stripes offers a suite of skincare, haircare, and sexual-wellness products, all created by a team of expert chemists. Their formulas, each specifically tailored for perimenopause and menopause, use advanced, science-backed ingredients.

The star has been an open book when it comes to speaking about her own early perimenopause and menopause experience, which began in her late 30s. Here, she shares some of what she’s learned over the almost 20-year journey. (…)

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