8 period myths we need to set straight for our health
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(Christal Yuen/ Healthline) — We get it. Details of blood can make anyone shy.

Remember when we got the infamous talk about sex, hair, odor, and other bodily changes that signaled puberty is coming?

I was in middle school when the conversation turned to ladies and their menstrual cycles. Somehow, one of the boys in our group  …

The myths and misconceptions about menopause
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(Chloe Shantz-Hilkes/ CBC Radio)If Dr. Jen Gunter hadn’t become a gynecologist, she would have had plenty of cause to dread menopause.

“My mother’s menopause was volcanic,” she writes in her new book The Menopause Manifesto. “If that was all I had to go on, I would have been quite  …