The myths and misconceptions about menopause

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Gynecologist Jen Gunter says menopause is a heck of a lot less scary when we talk about it. Photo: Pexels


(Chloe Shantz-Hilkes/ CBC Radio)If Dr. Jen Gunter hadn’t become a gynecologist, she would have had plenty of cause to dread menopause.

“My mother’s menopause was volcanic,” she writes in her new book The Menopause Manifesto. “If that was all I had to go on, I would have been quite frightened.”

Fortunately, she had a lot more than that to go on — including a small alphabet’s worth of degrees and qualifications. And as she told As It Happens host Carol Off, that wealth of experience has only made her more determined to ensure that others aren’t left relying on anecdotal accounts. (…)

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