Aging well has a lot to do with managing your stress
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(Karen Hawthorne/ Healthing) — There is merit to the phrase, ‘you’re only as old as you feel.’ Chronological age that is dictated by the calendar is not always the same as your biological age, where advantages like strong immunity and good bone density play a significant role in your health as the years go by.
Why do so many women over 40 struggle with stress?
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(Lorraine Candy/ The Guardian) — Have you found out about your windows of tolerance yet: those moments when you feel fully capable of handling any stress life throws at you? Our tolerance shrinks and expands to suit our needs, but these “windows of tolerance” are a funny thing for women, as I have just discovered, because   …

Stress really does age you but the biological effects ‘can be reversed’, study says
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(Dave Yasvinski/ Healthing) — A new study has shown that it’s possible to turn back the clock, at least when it comes to the effects of stress on your biological age.

The research, published in the journal Cell Metabolism , found that stressful events, such as surgery, pregnancy and severe cases of COVID-19 ,  …

What’s the difference between good stress and bad stress?
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(Mira Miller/ Very Well Health) — Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it’s not always negative.

It’s challenging to pinpoint concrete causes of good or bad stress because one person’s trigger for good stress is another person’s trigger for bad stress, according to Russ Morfitt, PhD, a clinical psychologist and co-founder  …