Beware of these toxic, cancer-causing elements in your beauty products

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Knowledge is power. Be aware of the sketchy ingredients products can have and use that information as a jumping-off point when purchasing anything new. Photo: Pexels


(Dr. Sunny Jain/ Health Shots) — Have you heard about carcinogens in skincare? Well, not all beauty products are a hundred percent safe! So, you need to steer clear from certain toxic ingredients in beauty products.

People only think beauty and other personal care products are safe. Often, they contain carcinogens, which are toxic ingredients linked to causing cancer. Each product may have them in low doses, but it is still a point of concern because of the cumulative effect. Remember, people use multiple products every day. Over time, that means exposure to layers of dangerous carcinogens.

On a typical day, a person uses 9 to 15 personal care products, each composed of 15 to 50 ingredients. Effectively, men and women apply over 150 unique ingredients to their bodies daily. It’s safe to know that not all of them are safe.

Since cosmetics and beauty products are not strictly regulated, you can have bronzer filled with untested talc contaminated with asbestos, a carcinogen. And there isn’t much you do about it except get informed. (…)

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