10 ways to add more physical activity in your daily routine

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It can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to make time for exercise. Here are some easy tips to squeeze in more physical activity. Photo: Pexels


(Jake Tipane/ Healthline) — I get it. We’ve all said, “Who has time to exercise when you’re a…”

Just fill in the blank: working parent, working night shifts, entrepreneur, student, person who commutes, or parent who stays at home keeping children alive. You’re not alone in trying to figure out how to fit exercise into your day.

As a mama and physical therapist who owns her own business, I have to schedule my exercise time — otherwise, it won’t happen.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve realized the I’ll-work-out-later approach doesn’t work for me. I have to block time out of my day to exercise so I can stay sane and maintain my health and strength. (…)

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