The many benefits of working out in winter

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There are a lot of benefits to winter workouts, including increased calorie burn, better endurance and a stronger immune system. Photo: Pexels
(Nick Beare/ Healthing) — If this round of COVID-19-related gloom has hit a little harder, I feel the same. Maybe it’s the brutal weather. Maybe it’s the worry over not knowing when all-things-pandemic will end. Either way, the start to 2022 has been rough, and it has me wanting to find healthy things to do that don’t involve just hanging out at home, or working — adding more exercise into my daily routine was one of my goals.

But when it announced that gyms — including the one in my condo building — would have to close as part of the Ontario government’s latest restrictions, my fitness options became exercising in my living room with limited equipment, or braving the cold for a run or possibly jumping jacks in the local park. (…)

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