Small cancer drug trial sees tumors disappear in 100 percent of patients
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(Kim Bellware/ The Washington Post) — A small drug trial is having a seismic impact in the world of oncology: After six months of an experimental treatment, tumors vanished in all 14 patients diagnosed with early stage rectal cancer who completed the study by the time it was published.

Researchers in the field of colorectal

Everything you need to know about Crohn’s Disease medications
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(Amy Marturana Winderl/ SELF) — One of the many frustrating things about living with Crohn’s disease is that it requires lifelong care. While there’s no cure (yet), there are many Crohn’s disease medications that can help reduce your symptoms, such as severe diarrhea and abdominal pain, so you can hopefully have  …

Canadian study looks at using radiation to treat Alzheimer’s
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(Avis Favaro, Elizabeth St. Philip. Alexandra Mae Jones/ CTV News) — A CT scan is usually used to diagnose a problem, not treat it.

But Canadian scientists are using CT scans to test out a provocative theory: could low doses of radiation from the scans actually help treat Alzheimer’s?

Results from a small pilot study  …