Jimmy Buffett died from Merkel cell skin cancer. What is it exactly?
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(Pamela Avila/ USA Today) — Jimmy Buffett died Friday following a four-year battle with Merkel cell skin cancer.

The musician kept performing while undergoing treatment for skin cancer, and Buffett’s last show was a surprise 45-minute appearance at a July 2 Mac McAnally show in Portsmouth,  …

Skin cancer: Should a mole check include my butt?
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(Maja Begovic/Healthing) — Atypical moles , exposure to sun and ultraviolet radiation have been linked to skin cancer, but other factors , such as living in high altitude areas, having a weakened immune system or being diagnosed with human papilloma virus or  …

Too hot to handle: How to survive amid extreme heat and humidity
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(Laura McQuillan/ CBC News) — A few summers ago, Gordon Giesbrecht was doing work on a lakeside dock when he says he started feeling “a little funny.” Minutes later, he was vomiting — a symptom that he immediately recognized as heat exhaustion.

As an expert in how extreme temperatures affect human bodies, Giesbrecht  …

Global melanoma rate to increase by 50% by 2040, researchers predict
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(Donna Lu/ The Guardian) — New cases of melanoma are set to increase by 50% globally by 2040, with a 68% increase in deaths, according to new research.

An international team of researchers have analysed the global burden of melanoma, which accounts for approximately one in five skin cancers. Data from the International   …