10 ways men and women can boost libido

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Sexual desire is complex, with both psychological and physical components. Photo: Pexels


(Janet Brito/ Medical News Today ) — Libido, or sex drive, naturally varies between individuals. Having a low sex drive is not necessarily a problem, but if a person wishes to boost their libido, they can try a range of effective natural methods.

Anxiety, relationship difficulties, health concerns, and age can affect libido. While low libido is not usually problematic, it can affect a person’s relationships and self-esteem.

This article examines some of the best ways that males and females can increase their libido using natural methods.

High anxiety levels are a common barrier to sexual functioning and libido for males and females. This may be anxiety due to life stress or specific sex-related anxiety.

People with an intense work schedule, caring responsibilities, or other life stresses may feel fatigued and, as a result, have a low sexual desire. (…)

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