Demand for mental health service in Canada is climbing
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(Bob Becken/ CBC News) — After what her family endured, Christine Hodge says she sympathizes with Canadian families who cannot access essential medications and treatments for mental illness.

The Ottawa woman’s daughter, now 21, was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder before the pandemic began; however, it took  …

Reframing depression stigma and seeking help
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(Jenna Fletcher/ Psych Central) — Many people with depression don’t seek help for it. In part, the unwillingness to seek help may have to do with the stigmas often attached to mental health.

If you have depression, you may fear not being able to live a typical life because you may not quite fit into how society thinks   …

We still stigmatize mental illness, and that needs to stop
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(Valerie A. Lapointe, Nessa Ghassemi-Bakhtiari/ The Conversation) — Many people struggle with mental illness — in any given year, one in five people in Canada experience a mental health problem or illness — but it is still heavily stigmatized. This seems to happen because of three things: the creation of stereotypes,   …

Healthcare must count costs of climate-driven mental illness and eco distress
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(Justine Alford, Simon Levey/ Imperial College News) — Suicides, heatwave deaths for mentally ill, increased care needs and eco-anxiety among the uncounted costs of climate change, says a new expert report. Climate change and mental health are two of the most significant and pressing challenges facing societies across  …