Mediterranean diet during pregnancy may lower risk of preeclampsia

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A​ recent study found that adhering to a Mediterranean diet during early pregnancy may reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes like preeclampsia, preterm birth, and gestational diabetes. Photo: Pexels


(Jessica Norris/ Medical News Today) — A new study suggests adhering to a Mediterranean diet during early pregnancy may lower the risk of adverse outcomes, especially for people over 35.

Dietary recommendations during pregnancy continue to evolve as researchers gain new insights into the best nutrition for a pregnant person and their developing fetus.

As more data emerges, experts continue to recommend what’s safe to eat and not eat during pregnancy.

A​ recent study found that following a Mediterranean diet around the time of conception and during early pregnancy may decrease the risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes. The results were published in JAMA Network.

Named “Best Diet Overall” for 6 consecutive years, the Mediterranean diet is an eating pattern that may offer certain health benefits.

Adherence to this eating pattern may improve blood glucose levels and help reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions, including adverse cardiovascular events. (…)

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