Night time urination could mean your blood pressure’s up

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Researchers believe the connection between getting up to urinate at night and high blood pressure has to do with dietary salt intake. Photo: Pexels


(Brian Goldman/ CBC) — One in four Canadians is dissatisfied with the sleep they get. That’s according to Statistics Canada. Some people sleep poorly because they have a need to answer nature’s call. A new study concludes that a nightly trip to the loo might mean your health is at risk.

That’s according to a study by researchers in Japan. They studied 1,882 people who had an annual health check that included blood pressure measurements. Of the 1,882 who filled out a health questionnaire, 1,295 got up to pee at least once a night on average. Compared to those who slept all night without going to the bathroom, those who got up to urinate at least once per night had 1.4 times greater odds of having high blood pressure. The greater the number of times per night that the person had to go to the bathroom, the greater the risk their blood pressure was high.

The results were presented at a combined meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society and the European Society of Cardiology held in Yokohama, Japan. (…)

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