Exercise can ease osteoarthritis pain

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Movement itself can warm up muscles. If you’re getting ready to swim or walk, your warm-up can be a gentle swim or walk.


(Brunilda Nazario/ Web MD) — It may be hard to believe, but experts agree — exercise can help relieve joint pain from osteoarthritis (OA).

People with arthritis should discuss exercise options with their doctors and other health care providers. Most doctors recommend exercise for their patients. Many people with arthritis begin with easy, range-of-motion exercises, low-impact aerobics, and muscle building. People with arthritis can participate in a variety of sports and exercise programs. The doctor will know which, if any, sports are off-limits.

Your doctor may have suggestions about how to get started or may refer you to a physical therapist. It’s best to find a physical therapist who has experience working with people who have arthritis. (…)

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