15 ways to stay healthy in retirement

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Getting a dog can make a difference. Just 15 minutes with Fido can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress level.


(Melinda Ratini/ Web MD) — When you retire, you don’t just leave a job. You enter a new stage in your life. If you do something you find meaningful, you’ll be happier and healthier. Volunteer at a hospital or library. Take part in projects at your house of worship. Tutor kids who need help in school. Care for animals in a shelter. Help assemble gift boxes for soldiers overseas. Long-term, this can help both your mind and body.

Where you live can help set you up for good health. If you want clean air, you have a variety of choices, like Melbourne, FL; Elmira, NY; Pueblo, CO; and Salinas, CA.

You can exercise outdoors amid the mountains of Boulder, CO, the seacoast of Portland, ME, or the sunshine of Tucson, AZ. For top-notch medical care, it can be good to live near Cleveland, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, New York City, or Rochester, MN. (…)

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