Do I need surgery for my hernia?

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Call your doctor right away if you have a fever or nausea, sudden pain that gets worse, or a hernia that turns red, purple, or dark. Photo: Pexels


(Sabrina Felson/ Web MD) — A hernia occurs when fatty tissue or an organ pushes through a weak place in the surrounding connective tissue or muscle wall. Hernias usually don’t get better on their own. They tend to get bigger. In rare cases, they can lead to life-threatening complications. That’s why doctors often recommend surgery. But not every hernia needs immediate treatment. It depends on the size and symptoms. If it doesn’t become symptomatic, it may not need treatment at all.

A surgical hernia repair involves pushing the bulge back inside the body part that should contain it using mesh, and keeping it there.

Nearly all children and adults can have hernia surgery. If you’re seriously ill or very frail, you may choose not to have an operation. Your doctor can help you weigh the benefits of the procedure against your ability to recover. (…)

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