When depression doesn’t respond to treatment

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(Eric Patterson/ NewLifeOutlook.com) You’ve taken the pills. You’ve sat through the individual therapy, the group therapy, and the family therapy. You’ve even taken yoga classes, but to this point, nothing has worked.

No matter what you do, it seems you can’t change your depression. Over the years, it is unchanged as depression weighs you down and disrupts your life.

The help that you desire may come with a better understanding of treatment-resistant depression and the impact it can have.

Although depression may only conjure thoughts of one group of symptoms and one condition, the world of mental health is littered with various forms of depression. Despite the many depressive disorders, there is no condition called treatment-resistant depression.

Rather than being a unique condition, treatment-resistant depression is only a label a person or a professional puts on the disorder. The term treatment-resistant depression (TRD) implies that the symptoms do not respond as expected to typical forms of medication or therapy interventions. Despite the best efforts of the clinicians and the client, the depression remains. (…)

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