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How bad could allergies get this fall? What Canadians can expect

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(Saba Aziz/ Global News) — Allergy sufferers, grab your tissues as fall gets underway in Canada, stirring up the spread of pollen and mould into the air.

Overall pollen counts have been increasing year over year nationally, but most parts of the country will likely see lower than normal levels in the   …

Migraine: A common headache disorder that is underdiagnosed and undertreated

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(Melina Albanese/ The Conversation) — Migraine is a common chronic health condition and a leading cause of disability globally. However, even in Canada, with a universal health-care system, migraine is underdiagnosed and undertreated.

This is an important public health issue since migraine is associated  …

Up to 10 per cent of Quebec health-care workers affected with long COVID

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(CTV News) — Between six and 10 per cent of health-care workers in Quebec have suffered from long COVID since the start of the pandemic, preliminary data released on Thursday revealed at the first Canadian Symposium on long COVID, in Montreal.

A third of them have experienced symptoms deemed “severe,” and   …

Study finds women unaware of the risks associated with cannabis during pregnancy

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(CTV News) — The legalization of cannabis and its distribution through a provincially-owned company (SQDC) have made it a more easily accessible consumer product. Yet marijuana remains a psychoactive substance that can have undesirable effects, particularly during pregnancy.

A recent Quebec institute of public   …