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Despite overcrowding issues, many beds at Montreal’s university superhospitals are empty
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(CBC News) — Several years after opening, in the midst of an ongoing overcrowding crisis in Montreal’s emergency rooms, the city’s two university superhospitals still aren’t making all their beds available.

The exact reason for the unused beds depends on who you ask. The hospitals say it’s a funding issue,  …

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Exercise your way to a better relationship
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(Scott Lear/ The Conversation) — Want to spice up your relationship for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe even start a new one off on the right foot? Go on an exercise date.

Exercise has a lot of health benefits and can also result in better connection and attraction among people. Those who exercise report higher satisfaction in their relationships.  …

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Women with high testosterone more likely to have diabetes and cancer
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(Cindy Harper/ MyHealthyClick) —Testosterone, a steroid hormone, is predominantly a male sex hormone that triggers the development of secondary sex characteristics in men.

However, testosterone is also secreted in women in small amounts. Along with estrogen, testosterone promotes the growth and repair of the reproductive organs  …

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