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Coffee could help you burn fat, new study finds
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(David Morgan/ CBS News) — New research indicates that a cup of coffee, or three, could help you lose weight. A new study out Monday morning in the journal Scientific Reports finds coffee can stimulate “brown fat” — the fat in your body that keeps you warm by burning calories.

On CBS This Morning, Dr. David Agus explained what  …

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Nutrition: even identical twins respond differently to food
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(Ana Sandoiu/ Medical News Today) — The largest ongoing study of its kind finds that people’s responses to food vary depending on a wide variety of factors. The findings suggest that the future of nutrition lies in personalized dietary advice.

Despite repeated public awareness campaigns and official dietary recommendations,  …

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Vaccine mistrust leaves populations vulnerable, global study shows
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(Thomson Reuters) — Trust in vaccines — one of the world’s most effective and widely used medical products — is highest in poorer countries but weaker in wealthier ones where skepticism has allowed outbreaks of diseases such as measles to persist, a global study found on Wednesday.

France has the least confidence of any country  …

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