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Prostate cancer treatment linked to dementia risk
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(E.J. Mundell/ HealthDay) — Soon after a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, drugs that lower levels of testosterone are often offered as treatment, since testosterone fuels the cancer’s growth.

But a major new study suggests that this approach might have an unwanted side effect: Higher odds for Alzheimer’s  …

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A small glass of juice or soda per day is linked to increased cancer risk, study says
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(Conchita Margaret/ New York Daily News) — Don’t be fooled by the 100% fruit juice label on your next visit to the grocery store.

A new study conducted in France has recently discovered that even a small consumption — 100 ml or approximately a third of a can of soda — of sugary drinks like juices or sodas per day are linked to a higher risk of cancer,  …

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Study: a daily dose of nuts could be key to staying sharp in old age
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(John Anderer/ Study Finds) — Nuts have always been viewed as a healthy snack and great source of protein, but new research suggests that a steady, hardy diet of nuts can also sustain mental sharpness and cognition as we age.

Conducted at the University of South Australia, the study found that consuming more than 10 grams of nuts per day   …

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