What’s gone wrong: More than 800,000 Quebecers wait for family doctor

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Quebec’s family doctors are also retiring at a much faster rate than they’re being replaced, said Dr. Alain Papineau, the president of the Quebec College of Family Physicians. Photo: Pexels


(Angela Mackenzie/ CTV News) — Four years ago, the CAQ promised a family doctor for every Quebecer, but in the last election campaign, it had to admit that wouldn’t be possible, which has left many people feeling lost in the system.

Gevevieve Charrette has been on the waiting list for a family doctor for over a year, ever since she learned her doctor was switching to a specialty and giving up her family practice.

“Especially at this time, of the age I am at right now, I’m probably in perimenopause, and I think it’s the time I would need the follow-up of a family doctor and go through that process in the upcoming years, but I’m left alone,” she said. (…)

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