Women and men may receive different advice for heart disease prevention

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A new study shows that men are more likely to be prescribed statins for heart health while women are advised to exercise and lose weight.


(Beth Jo Jack/ Medical News Today) — The recommendations for heart health are fairly universal, but not everyone may receive the same guidance.

In fact, prior research, such as this 2020 study, suggests that healthcare professionals may treat women who’ve had a heart attack less aggressively than men.

Now, a new study suggests that doctors may prescribe medication less frequently to women to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD).

“Our study found that women are advised to lose weight, exercise, and improve their diet to avoid cardiovascular disease but men are prescribed lipid-lowering medication,” study author Dr. Prima Wulandari, a cardiology clinical researcher at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, said in a press release. (…)

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