What Canadians can expect from COVID-19 this fall and winter

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Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames fans have their proof of COVID-19 vaccination checked before entering the Saddledome for pre-season NHL hockey action in Calgary on Sept. 26. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)


(Marc Gollom/ CBC News) — With the beginning of fall and a more transmissible strain of the coronavirus than last year’s taking hold, Canadians may wonder about the outlook of the pandemic over the next few months.

Some epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists are expressing cautious optimism, hoping that greater immunity levels just may be able to contain the delta variant that causes COVID-19, and that many jurisdictions could see hospitalization rates coming down.

“I’m always optimistic, and here’s why,” said epidemiologist Raywat Deonandan, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa. “Pandemics have a beginning, middle and end. And where are we right now? Locally, I think we’re near the end.”

Others, however, like B.C. epidemiologist Caroline Colijn, suspect Canada is still heading into a “challenging fall” despite considerable progress, particularly with vaccinations. (…)

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