Want to age well? Here’s how much coffee you should drink

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Moderate amounts of caffeinated coffee have been associated with lower all-cause mortality, per an April 2021 study in ‌Nutrients‌. Photo: Pexels


(Lacey Muinos/ Livestrong) — Iced, hot, decaf, espresso — however you prefer yours, coffee is a daily ritual for many. But while you may love the caffeine, coffee doesn’t just provide your morning jolt of energy or afternoon pick-me-up. It also offers potential health benefits, many of which are related to longevity.

Longevity does refer to the number of years someone lives, but it’s not just about living long — it’s about living ‌well‌ during those years, too. Here’s a breakdown of the research on how drinking coffee may help you live longer.

“All-cause mortality” is a phrase that refers to all causes of death. It’s often used by medical professionals and researchers to examine how certain habits can raise or lower your risk of dying. In the case of coffee, drinking the right amount may be in your favor.

“Although there is a lot more research needed, there have been some studies showing an association of drinking coffee daily with a lower risk of death,” says Danine Fruge, MD, a board-certified doctor and the Medical Director at Pritikin Longevity Center. (…)

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