Menopause is coming out of the shadows. Many women say it’s about time

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“I think what I find the hardest is that women feel that they should just suck it up, that every woman needs to bear this like a burden. And to me, that’s just complete bunk.” Photo: Pexels


(Ioanna Roumeliotis/ CBC News) — Menopause. It’s hot, it’s flashy and it’s having a moment. Just ask Erin Keaney — or better yet, catch one of her shows.

“O-M-G, I started sweating at four this morning,” Keaney tells the audience after bounding on stage sporting a cape and feather boa while a friend points a leaf blower in her direction, as much to cool her down as to create a glamorous windblown effect.

Hot flashes, belly fat and mood swings — nothing is off limits when Keaney takes the stage. A Toronto-based Realtor by day, occasional comic by night, her campy act is part of a growing movement dragging menopause out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

At her latest gig in Toronto, more than 200 people turned up, most of them mid-life women laughingly commiserating as Keaney joked about constantly perspiring and gaining weight. (…)

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