This Valentine’s Day, keep your heart healthy!

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February is Heart Month, and not just because of Valentine’s Day. This columns contains tips to help you keep your heart healthy as you age. Getty Images


(Margaret Coates/ North Shore News) — February is Heart Month in Canada.

This month is also when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is a day to celebrate romantic love with heart symbols, cupids, and yummy chocolate. But the month is also about raising awareness about heart disease and encouraging people to look after their hearts. The month reminds people how important it is to keep healthy and stay informed about the risks of heart-related conditions.

Essentially, rather than merely a symbol of love, the heart is responsible for pumping blood around our body and transporting oxygen and cells to our other organs. The blood takes away waste products and carbon dioxide. Veins carry oxygen-poor blood back to your heart and lungs to start the cycle over again. (…)

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