The herpes virus could be transmitted through food

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The virus that causes cold sores can survive and remain infectious for several hours on food or food-related surfaces. Photo: Pexels


(My Science) — It is generally accepted that the virus responsible for cold sores is transmitted via saliva or direct contact with the lesions it causes. However, there are other potential transmission routes, according to a study published by a team from Université Laval in the Journal of Applied Microbiology. In fact, the team’s work indicates that this virus can survive and remain infectious for several hours on food, beverages and surfaces or objects associated with food.

To demonstrate this, the research team tested the persistence of Herpes simplex type 1 on surfaces made of stainless steel, aluminum, glass or plastic, and on the following foods: cheddar cheese, sliced almonds, apple peel, orange juice, cola-type soft drinks, coffee and milk.

“These materials, which are present in many types of containers and cutlery, and these foods were chosen because they can be associated with food sharing,” explains study leader Julie Jean , professor in the Department of Food Science and researcher at Université Laval’s Institut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels (INAF). (…)

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