Talking to your kids about cancer isn’t easy

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In keeping with my desire for him to never be blindsided, I again told him the truth, this time about the possibility of recurrence in the future. Photo: Pexels


(Monica Harro/ Bezzy) — No one enjoys difficult conversations, but being honest with your child about your diagnosis can make a big difference.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my son Christian had just turned 5.

While I was leaning over him to tuck him into bed shortly after my diagnosis, he pointed to the large bandage sticking out of my tank top from a biopsy a couple of days prior. I was barely processing my diagnosis myself and hadn’t even begun to think about how to tell him anything.

He’s an observant and intelligent child, and his father and I knew he needed to be told something.

We were so uncertain in those first days of what was ahead of us, but we knew we were going to be going through a lot. I never wanted Christian to be blindsided by anything.

I didn’t know where to start or what to say, so I just dove in. (…)

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