How to keep your feet healthy and problem-free
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(Karen Asp/ Web MD) — You know your heart needs lots of TLC. Your feet do, too. After all, they are the workhorses of your body, taking about 5,000 steps a day. That’s 2.5 miles! Not to mention that your feet have to bear the weight of your body every step of the way. In addition, we cram them into shoes and stand on them for   …

Heels or Birkenstock? Barbie feet challenge isn’t worth the pain
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(Caitlin Pagan/ Very Well Health) — The viral Barbie feet challenge on TikTok may look innocent enough, but it does pose a risk of discomfort or injury.

To recreate a now iconic scene in the Barbie movie, some TikTokers are attempting to step out of high heels, walk on tiptoes, and maintain their feet in an arched position.  …