What your tongue colour says about your health
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(Stephanie Brown/ Very Well Health) — The color and texture of your tongue can give insights into your health. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have relied on processes such as smell, hearing, palpation, and tongue examination for diagnoses.

Now, a new study found that tongue images  …

Almost 40% of U.S. young women have low iron levels
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(Penny Min/ Health News) — Nearly one in four American adolescent girls and young women may suffer from an underdiagnosed mineral deficiency that causes weariness, brain fog, and attention issues.

According to new research, which was the first to examine iron insufficiency in girls and young women and published  …

Hema-Québec lacks blood donors for Black patients
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(Touria Izri / CJAD News) — Akelia Campell is just 30 years old, but she already has arthritis severe enough to rival the condition of people decades older.

Her joints are so worn out that she’s already had a hip replacement. She’s wearing a sling to help recover from recent shoulder surgery.

“I couldn’t  …