How bad could allergies get this fall? What Canadians can expect
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(Saba Aziz/ Global News) — Allergy sufferers, grab your tissues as fall gets underway in Canada, stirring up the spread of pollen and mould into the air.

Overall pollen counts have been increasing year over year nationally, but most parts of the country will likely see lower than normal levels in the   …

How poor air quality hurts your health
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(Berkeley Lovelace Jr./ NBC News) — Air quality advisories were in effect for 110 million people in the United States on Wednesday morning, ranging from New Hampshire to South Carolina and covering the Northeast, including Boston, New York City and Philadelphia.

In the Northeast, the poor air quality is the result of wildfires  …

How to combat and lessen seasonal allergy symptoms
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(Emily Henderson/ Medical Net) — Welcoming spring this year has been bittersweet for the millions of allergy sufferers already experiencing itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and runny noses.

What causes someone to be allergic to seasonal allergens and other irritants is unknown. The key to understanding allergies  …

Air pollution linked to negative changes in a baby’s gut microbiome
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(Richard Haridy/ New Atlas) — A new study published in the journal Gut Microbes is the first to investigate the relationship between air pollution and a baby’s developing gut microbiome. The research found exposure to air pollution in the first six months of life is associated with a gut microbiome composition linked  …