How to successfully handle holiday stress

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Be aware of your limitations and give yourself permission to set boundaries so that those activities you partake in. Photo: Pexels


(Matthew Scult/ Psychology Today) — For some, the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, filled with family, celebrations, and gifts. For others, these same things can have the opposite effect causing anxiety, loneliness, and, more often than not, stress. The American Psychiatric Association recently released a survey showing 31 percent of adults say they expect to feel more stressed during these holidays compared to last year.

The reality here is that holidays can bring as much stress as they do joy. And that’s okay. What is important to remember is that we take care of ourselves and manage that stress in healthy ways.

So what are the best ways to de-stress as we enter into the chaos of the holidays? How can we manage caring for ourselves when we’re focused on others? I spoke with my colleagues at Modern Health to get tips on handling stress over the coming weeks. (…)

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